Saturday, May 26, 2012

Part Playing

The ability to hold one finger down while playing others in the same hand is challenging for students at first, but with some preparatory drills, the difficulties can be overcome.  Second year literature frequently contains passages requiring application of this technique.

Proper phrasing (down-up wrist motion) should be employed, and both parts should be released at the same time on the count with an upward wrist motion.

Numerous second and third year pieces require the mechanics of holding one finger while playing others in the same hand.  For example, one note in the right hand must be sustained while playing from the second part to an entirely new note using another finger.  One instance of this might be an interval of a 4th played by a 2-5 in the right hand, sustaining the 2 and dropping into a 4, then dropping smoothly into a 1-3 without lifting.  These two problems can be solved with concentration and practice.

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