Monday, May 2, 2011

Music Education College Major

For the pianist who wants to be a piano teacher in either a university or public school setting, only two general types of degrees have proper credentials: the Bachelor of Music degree and the Bachelor of Music Education degree.

The student earning a Bachelor of Music with a major in piano with the goal of teaching on the university level will also need to pursue graduate studies. With the glut of pianists competing for jobs in the teaching field, a masters is absolutely essential to stand even a slight chance of winning a university position. The exceptions are those individuals who exhibit extraordinary professional achievements, such as concert performers, recording artists, prize winners, etc. Increasingly, an earned doctorate for the performer, usually the Doctor of Musical Arts degree, is becoming mandatory for successfully competing for the better positions on the university teaching scene. The young pianist is strongly advised to not only attain degrees, but achieve as much professional concert experience as possible.

The Bachelor of Music Education degree with a heavy piano concentration is a must for those who want to make teaching music in the public schools their career. A person obtaining a Bachelor of Music Education degree will have to teach other musical subjects and know other instruments besides the piano. Although the student might want to ultimately pursue a master's degree, this is usually not mandatory for at least landing a first job, as it is in the university market.

Students electing to specialize in music education more heavily than in piano performance can obtain a Bachelor of Music degree stressing this area. Even though this type of program will not have as large a concentration of actual keyboard applied study as the straight Bachelor of Music in piano, it is useful to those intending to go on to the graduate level.

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